Maitreya's Mission

Maitreya Lord Maitreya Buddha Krishna Christ – The New World of Oneness
New Earth Maitreya

Once achieved to SEE the World in the ways WE DO PEACE will reign. Twice the World is achieving to see with the eyes of the heart from YOU and MY All englobing VIEW matching in ONENESS the different points into a few of DIVERSITY…


Maitreya World Teacher

Once seen with the eyes of the HEART the matters will become crystal clear and everyone will know what TRUTH has installed for being known Mother Earth’s path in the learning of achievements for that what is closer and relevant in the Path of each…

Achieving Truth

Tree of Light - Maitreya The World Teacher

Once it is seen that the light brings shadows to the facts it is in view of seeing light lid bright at the wonders of the world. But how to see if that what we knew is light and shade and that is precisely the…


Harmony in Creation

New Earth is the way of finding spiritually to creation in its Ursprung – origin, source, beginning, provenance – of Creation itself – father, God, Heaven. The original, primordial, pristine, natural way of being: LOVE Love IS THE VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY of higher realms within the…

Return to the Principles of Cosmic Harmony

Maitreya Mission

5th Dimensional is the living of christianity in ones own expressions to be recognized as of Creational Love what each individual is and is to be the strength and striving force of the most simplest to the rather complex. True Love is the knowing –…

5th Dimensional


It is established – THE LAW OF ONENESS is rising and will be replacing Duality and Separative ways during the next earthly time-frame. It is the work for millennia to reestablish cosmic harmony within the Universe(s) of Earth and Galaxy of inherence. The Unity will…

The Law of Oneness


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